Northern Liberties hereby announce the existence of our new recording, 'Suffocation', a piece of music spanning approximately 29 minutes in length, self-released and self-realized in a limited edition run of 200 copies on vinyl. This recording captures a piece of music that has been being forgotten, remembered, refined, scrapped, buried, exhumed, and reburied for several years. It has been given a final resurrection in the year AD 2009.

With this recording, and with the manner in which we have chosen to present and share it with the wider world, we hope to create a commemorative object to serve as a marker for the passing of this music from our world. Each record is to act as a tombstone of sorts, as we will only perform this piece of music two times for a public audience - an alpha and an omega, and then no more. This is not only due to the fact that we intend to drape some 'specialness' around this record, but also due to the fact that learning the 'song' is akin to learning an entire album, in order, and to do so will require some focused rehearsal up to the fact. We'll also temporarily dispense with our usual 'no set list, no plan' policy regarding our live presentation, and our instrumentation will include Kevin playing both bass and keyboard, as he does on the recording of the song.

The 'Suffocation' record is our first to ignore all pretense of having a "record label", or that parties other than our own are interested in presenting our creative work to the world. The only aspect of this record not completely done 'in house' by members of the band was the actual manufacturing of the vinyl. Kevin was responsible for the recording, and the packaging of the records, including hand-screening 200 multi-colored designs, each one with a variation either slight or extreme in paper color, color of ink, tone, etc. Justin provided the artwork, and all three members contributed monetary funds from our collective 'band fund' for the vinyl pressing process.

The musical and lyrical tone are somber, and the song is essentially a 'winter song' dealing with problems inherent to existence in a physical dimension, as well as addressing personal and psychological traumas and nightmares. A slow ebb and flow through the necropolis of a 'ghost version' of Philadelphia seen from a dream moves into a meditation on the inevitability of suffering amongst all beings, and finally a musical vortex comes along to sweep away all the words, on side B. While the song addresses some 'shadowed' issues, it is nonetheless a hopeful and loving statement, as the only real hopelessness would be to give up making songs, including those dealing with our sadnesses and nightmares.

'Suffocation' will be performed live for the first time on the carefully chosen date of March 20th. (the Vernal Equinox, which will usher the winter song out of this world, in a celebratory public execution of the music) at Johnny Brenda's (1201 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia) with our friends The Nite Lights, Mischief Brew, and Kiss Kiss Kill.

The ghost of the song will be exorcised on March 28th. in Bethlehem, PA. at a specific location yet to be disclosed.

Copies of the record are available at a few select local record stores, as well as online at our site,

Each copy includes a version of the song on a good quality CDR, for convenience, a full color poster from one of our past tours, and a sticker. The vinyl is available in either clear or a murky swirled color mixture. There are 100 copies of each vinyl option. The vinyl is the recommended listening experience, as it features a locked groove at the end of side B that ought to take a potential listener to a special place, if they allow it to. We recommend listening alone, in low lightning, and at high volume.

Until we meet again,

*Northern Liberties*, *Press-Release Division*