Northern Liberties “Parallel Hell” (Roxborough Rants and Eels, July 2020)

Just before the beginning of the Great At Home of 2020, Justin offered a copy of Northern Liberties’ new LP to anyone who was willing to write a review. I put my hand up and into my mailbox came a copy of this most amazing record.

I listened and listened again, rapt. This record demands your full attention.

My promise of a write up slipped to the back of the queue as spring slipped into summer but it’s been nagging my conscience on and off and in line with a resolution to do more things (Karl, Judy Kankakee is next…), I’ll tell all of you who like music that’s fierce, swift, passionate, and relentless, this record has your name on it.

The sounds are maddeningly dense and delicate. The music is simultaneously punishing and sweet. Raging heavy grooves, distant shouted vocals, mathematical virtuosity which does not sacrifice passion for technique.

Philadelphia has always been a home for uncompromising musicians, souls going their own way for their own reasons . This record is so clearly born from desire and compulsion to follow a path of one’s own that even if it’s not your usual musical diet, it’s something which will make your life better by giving it a through listen.

The glorious artwork is a hint at what the record sounds like. Intricate, detailed, ornate.

My fingers are crossed that when live music returns to Philadelphia, we can meet up to see these guys play live. It will be amazing.

Thank you Mark and Justin and Kevin.”

– Eliot Duhan, Roxborough Rants and Eels